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What is LSWT?

A Brand New Method in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

Linear Shockwave Therapy is second generation non-invasive solution for erectile dysfunction. By using low-intesive shockwaves, penile hemodynamic is increased by angiogenesis. It is the newest and most effective method, a pioneer in LSWT field.

Other devices besides from Renova, uses focal shock-waves. In this application, target area is very small. This appliance may be efficient in orthopedic treatments or passing the kidney stones, however, regarding the penile area, the pointer should be linear in order to cover more area. Renova is designed to effect larger area in one shock, 70mm coverage instead of 13mm. This is the main difference of Renova device, compared to other devices. Corpus cavernosum is totally included in the impact area anatomically.

PhD. Bülent Alıcı

Advantages of Renova

Advanced impact area for penis and crura,
Easy application with handsfree feature,
Perfect positioning,
Short treatment protocol,
Basic and non-invasive,
Continuing daily activities with painless treatment,
High success rate in all patients with PDE5 negative or positive,
With its linear feature, it can be applied in 4 areas for optimum effect.


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About the Treatment

No pain and no side effect. Low intensity shock waves given by Renova has revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction by providing vessel formation. The treatment process takes 4 weeks, 1 session per week in which sessions last 20 minutes. After the treatment, patients who does not respond to medical drugs have started to take benefit of them.

Low intensity shock wave is used successfully in Cardiology field for vascular occlusion for 10 years. With the same principle, Renova has successful results for treatment of ED more than 1st generation devices.