About Us


Single Authorized Distributor

Our company was established in 2012 to offer the Renova device, which is developed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a serious problem in men’s world, to the service of Turkish medicine. Renova system is the only device in the world that can shoot linear shock specially designed for erectile dysfunction. Thanks to its advanced technology feature, it can treat patients in only four sessions.

Direx is advanced with its knowledge and experience with extremely high technology in sound wave technology. Renova’s brand awareness is very high in all over the world especially in USA. Urotek is the exclusive distributor of Renova including TRNC, Turki Republics and some middle east countries.

Our Vision
To be the newest treatment alternative for erectile dysfunction. To increase our company awareness in the countries we are responsible for in this regard. Integrating the ED LSWT image with the Uro-Tek concept.

Our Mission
To explain the effective shockwave treatment option in erectile dysfunction. In this way, to reach many patients and to provide treatment.